Friday, August 14, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the 1st day of school. It is amazing how quickly the summer flew by. It seems like life is constantly moving faster and faster. Today Brandt started 1st grade, and Brayden started Kindergarten. This time next year we will have 3 boys going to school. We attend a small Christian school, where I teach. We feel very blessed that our children are here, and I love that I am on campus with the boys. I ran into both boys today during the day, and they both looked like they were having a really good time.
Brandt's grade is small, and in fact there is only one 1st grade class this year. He is loving it, because he is with all his friends (they were split in 2 classes last year). Please pray for his teacher as there are 11 boys and only 4 girls. haha When they started in Pre-K there were 12 boys and 2 girls, so at least there are a few more girls now. 14 of these kids were here last year, and there is only 1 new student in their grade which is really strange.
Brandt and Mrs. Mobley
Brandt sitting at his 1st real desk, the last 2 years he had tables

Brayden's grade is now split into 2 classes, last year they were all together. They went from 14 kids last year to 28 this year, so his class had a huge expansion. His class is split almost 50/50 boys and girls. He also has a very young class, only 1 student has a birthday before Christmas. In fact by his birthday in April only 4 students will have turned 6 already. This is such a huge blessing for him. I am completely in love with his teacher, although she did give me a very emotional poem and package of Kleenex when I dropped him off this morning. Thankfully, I remembered that from last year and did not read it, maybe in a few days I'll be ready to read it. She is amazing, she handles her kids very well, but shows them love and compassion which is what he needs. He was not ready to head back to school and I am hoping some of her enthusiasm rubs off on him. When I ran into him he was smiling, so I am sure it has.
Brayden and Mrs. Taylor
Brayden reading Zoobooks while he waits for the rest of his classmates to arrive
Big brother helping out
Dustin and his big boys
Me and my 2 big boys

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Kierstyn said...

Now I'm all weepy! Elizabeth has her first day of Kinder. on the 31st. We're homeschooling, but just the fact that she's old enough to be in school makes me weepy!

Congrats on making it through the first day!