Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interesting Dinner

Tonight I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and vegetable medley. My kids are very visual eaters meaning they can tell if it tastes good just by the way it looks...or at least they think they can. So when it came out of the oven and I put it on plates I looked at Dustin and said "I bet we get some crying over this". Sure enough Brandt and Brayden took one look and pushed their plates away and declared dinner nasty. Brayden made some of the funniest pouty faces I have seen in a while. Dustin and I did our best to stifle our laughter, I mean it was pretty hysterical at this point. I am certain if we had a video camera recording it we would have won $10,000. Bryson however took a bite and said it was yummy and started eating. We were very surprised how well he was doing so Dustin told him if continued to eat well he would get a special dessert. The older 2 boys told us how unfair we were, dinner was so nasty, etc. Dustin and I decided he would take him to McDonalds and let him pick out a dessert while I bathed the baby and put him in bed (btw he also ate great). So the older ones decided they might be interested depending on how much mean mommy and daddy made them eat. Once we showed them the 1/2 they had to eat Brandt asked if he had to swallow it. Um, yes how else would you eat it? He replied swallow it then burp it back up into the trash can...ah the joys of raising boys. In the last minute before Dustin left with Bry the older 2 came through and ate what they needed to. So the big boys and daddy went and ate ice creams and an apple pie.

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