Friday, August 21, 2009

Flashback Friday

This picture is of Brandt in Feb. of 2004, when he was almost 18 months old. I was hugely pregnant with Brayden so didn't want a huge mess to clean up, but wanted him to make a card for Dustin for Valentine's Day. I set him in his diaper in the bathtub and gave him paper and finger paint. I thought I was genius for figuring out an easy clean-up for finger painting, but as you can tell he ended up finger painting the tub and not the paper. No matter how hard I tried he would not touch the paper, but the tub was beautiful by the time he was done.

So crazy to me that he was only 2 months older there than Brennan is now.

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Emily said...

what a cutie!! man they grow up fast. do you even remember only having 1?