Monday, August 24, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This past weekend in Texas was tax-free weekend which means extra long lines and people EVERYWHERE lots of deals to be had. I decided to buy a few pair of capris I could wear to work, not that I was sweating to death in my regular pants or anything since it is only in the lower 100s here. Of course, 3/4 of my children did not fall asleep on the way to the mall since they refuse to take naps at home they certainly wouldn't do it when it wasn't convenient for me. My 3rd son, whom I find incredibly cute and irresistible would never have thrown a fit for an entire 30 minutes because we did not let him bring his blue Power Ranger into the mall. He has way more restraint than that, nor would he have rather gone shopping with me than play in the food court playground with his daddy and brothers just to show how grumpy he was not being. His mood is not that dependent on if he gets his nap out or not, nope not my child!

He is only 3 years old and a BOY after all, so he would not have been telling me things like "I like that pair, no that pair doesn't fit you, oh lets buy the black pair", remember boys don't care about clothes at all. Boys have way more important things to care about like light saber fighting, bug catching, perfecting their burping noises, etc. Nor would he have decided he wanted to try on clothes himself, much less clothes for next summer. This child has never tried on a piece of clothing in his life, so he certainly wouldn't start now with this enormous crowd his daddy and brothers waiting. He would not have asked me to step out of his dressing room so I wouldn't see his underwear and refuse to budge until I did so. I mean this child still asks me to wipe his bottom for him for crying out loud. Nor would he have caught me peeping in his room TWICE to make sure he was doing ok, because I would totally respect his wishes more than that. He also did not grab his shorts and try unsuccessfully to cover himself when he felt I wasn't given him enough privacy, I mean doesn't that start way closer to teenage years?

We would never stay at the mall so late that my kiddos started getting restless from being hungry nor would we try to soothe the savish beasts by feeding them Casa Ole. When the waitress only brought 2 crackers for the baby we certainly wouldn't have improvised by giving him chips when they were gone in 0.2 seconds. I would never have added salsa to the chip just to get him to stop squealing for it. I mean he is only 16 months old he does not know that it is hot and will burn him, but I most certainly do and I can outlast a 16 month old for pete's sake. So I would never have been floored when he didn't even bat an eyelash or want his water, but just begged for more. I mean that was some pretty spicy salsa, even the older 3 said it was too spicy for them to eat.

This week when I was teaching a Pre-K class for the 1st time I certainly didn't laugh out loud at a little boy when he picked his mouse up and tried to click the computer monitor with it. I mean he had been using his mouse correctly for the past 20 minutes so surely he knew you didn't actually make your mouse touch the screen where you wanted it to go. It is now a week later and I still don't get a chuckle out of his sweet innocence of doing everything very literal. I also did not stay up WAY too late typing this when I have to get up early for school tomorrow, as evident by the time stamp. Nope, not me!


Pineapple Princess said...

Your boys are just the CUTEST!!

You are such a blessed mommy with your four handsome boys! :)

Carrie said...

Just so you know...This morning I asked Bryson if he went shopping for tax free weekend. His very firm response was, "Yes, and my mommy would not even let me bring my blue Power Ranger inside!"

Erin said...

Cute Not My childmonday! precious boys you have! I have 4 boys also!
much love and blessings~erin

The Thompsons said...

Great Not Me's!

Kierstyn said...

Thanks so much for the strike through tips! You are a wealth of information.

Speaking of which, care to share your coupon clipping tips in a blog? I really need to get better at that!