Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swimming Solo

This post has been several weeks coming. Thankfully, I am finally feeling up to posting again. The Friday Brandt was at camp I decided to brave taking the other 3 boys swimming all by myself. I had never taken the boys swimming by myself before, as we normally go to the splashpad since it is easier for me to watch the boys. Since I was down one, I decided to give it a try. It was a pleasant surprise, and it went much easier than I was afraid of. We went to the clam pool, which you gradually walk into so it was perfect for younger kids to stay where they could reach.
I went in the water with Brennan. I sat him down to take his picture, and he was completely unimpressed. haha
A little boy let him hold his ball, and he was instantly better. I tried to get him to sit in the water, but he was determined to walk around instead. He kept trying to go where it was too deep, so I ended up holding him the entire time. He is such a water baby, and even though we stayed at the pool for over 2 hours, he still cried when we had to leave.
Bryson felt like such a big boys wearing goggles. He would stick his head under water and look around and then immediately ask if I had seen him. Considering he has never had swim lessons he is really good in the water.
Bry practicing his swimming

The pool had these little boogie boards and Brayden loved swimming with them. He has learned how to swim this summer with just practicing. He can swim without anything, but he still loves to have something as his safety net.

Brayden loved practicing swimming too. He would go out to the deep end, and then turn around and swim back until he ended up in such shallow water that his belly would touch, and then back out again.

We had a really good time, and it was so much easier since the boys are getting bigger and becoming better swimmers. Sadly, I went in the hospital 3 days later and have not been able to take them swimming since. Thankfully, the boys have each gotten to go swimming with friends a few times since then.

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